Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

Felix’s Speeches

Here you will find a verbatim of the various speeches Felix has written and read over the years. From topics such as his early days in OZ, to Dennis Publishing, to poetry, to the inspiration for his latest book of verse – all are presented in their unaltered and original form.

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Columbia University’s School of Journalism Delacorte Lecture: ‘The Reader is King’ (17th April 2008): Felix was invited to speak to young journalists at Columbia University’s School of Journalism. In this speech Felix emphasises how even with the spectre of the internet, talented and hard working journalists will still gain employment and leverage a decent salary regardless of the medium. Felix goes on to stress how the most successful news and magazine publications stay reader focussed while keeping their advertisers at a friendly distance.


English Speaking Union: ‘How and Why I Write’ (17th March 2011): Felix commenced this literary evening with a poem from ‘Tales From The Woods’, before explaining his passion for writing and performing poetry via his own ‘Did I Mention the Free Wine?’ tour. He also highlighted and discusses the different poetic forms before then taking questions from the audience.

Oxford Union: ‘Address to The Oxford Union’ (2nd March 2011): Felix addresses the Oxford University Union giving background to his own motives for setting out on business. Felix also recounts some of the biggest challenges he faced and the various turning points in his career. He also includes one or two anecdotes from his book ‘How To Get Rich’.

Southampton University: ‘Journalism or ‘Churnalism’’ (24th March 2010): Felix gives a lecture to Southampton media studies students on the challenges media and publishing companies face with printed matter in an evermore online and socially networked world.

Confederation of European Paper Industries, Brussels: ‘The Four Horsemen’ (30th November 2000): Felix gives a lecture to the European Paper and Pulp industry at an annual conference in Brussels. Felix was asked to look ahead and make predictions for the next decade in terms of the future of ink-on-paper with the then looming spectre of a more digital world.

Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, Westminster Hall: ‘How to Squeeze the Rich’ (19th October 2006): Felix offers a ten-point plan to Chief Executives of Voluntary Charities (i.e. Chief Fundraisers for Charities) on tactics for squeezing money out of the seriously rich. Felix even gives examples of the successful attempts made on him – useful insight(s) for any charities wishing to jump FD’s waiting list and grab his loot.

37th FIPP World Magazine Congress, Old Billingsgate, London: ‘Get Those Dwarves Out Of The Bedrooms’  (5th May 2009): In this speech given to the FIPP World Magazine Congress, Felix talks about how the mini recession in 1997 let him take his biggest personal financial risk in the setup of global brand Maxim. Just watch out for the Dwarves!