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Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

I Have Paid More For A Kiss…

I have paid more for a kiss than a kiss
And that was error, sure—
Sucking on chemical bliss
In the tattooed arms of a store-bought whore.
You may blame me, certainly, if you wish—
And might as well blame a bear
For dining on silver fish,
Or a fox for stalking an old brown hare.

Those who pay more for a kiss than a kiss,
They pay with their lives, no less—
Swallow your hypocrite hiss:
The lost have need of a soft caress.
You may blame us, certainly, should you care,
Pelt us with stones and rocks,
But nothing will stay the bear,
Or spare a hare from a hungry fox.


‘And learn that the best thing is
To change my loves while dancing
And pay but a kiss for a kiss’
— W.B. Yeats ‘The Collarbone of a Hare’*

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