Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

With Weakness Comes…

With weakness comes the force that fuses breath
To need. Perfection shrinks within its mind,
And knowing this, then seeks the perfect death,
Which is itself a weakness— of a kind.

The needs that drive us spring from discontent—
Thus I arose this morning filled with fire,
Though who can say which part was nature’s bent
And which the sinking ashes of desire?

Forgive me, Bodhisattva — yet who grew
The wheat that made the cakes these pilgrims bring
To set outside your cave?  Are they all, too,
The broken reeds of which your gospels sing?

    This only I will grant: in weakness lies
    The need permitting charlatans to rise.

Dorsington, Warwickshire March 3, 2008

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru and tycoon, died on February 5th, 2008 aged 91. ‘Mahesh’ was a part of his original name; the rest was invented. In 1998 his organisation boasted a property portfolio worth $3 billion. He made his name on the back of The Beatles and spent the rest of his life denying it, dying in a closely-guarded Dutch wooden fortress, a world hosting its own ministers, laws and currency, a fantasy land where opulence and luxury meet Vedic Mantras and where deluded saps paid massive sums to heal their souls. Let John Lennon have the last word. When The Beatles stormed out of his Indian ashram after the Maharishi (which means ‘perfect soul’) made a pass at Mia Farrow in 1968, the guru asked why they were leaving. ‘If your so fucking cosmic, you’ll know!’ answered Lennon, and proceeded to write the song ‘Sexy Sadie’ (originally called ‘Maharishi’). The song’s best line is: ‘You made a fool of everyone’. Aye, that he did, John. That he did.

Poem Published in the following books: Homeless In My Heart  

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