Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

Epitaph No. 3

To be Carved on a Rock on a Hill in the Forest of Dennis

                   Felix  Dennis
                   (1947 - ?     )
          Poet  •  Publisher •  Planter of Trees

      ‘ Mirabile  Dictu ’

My friends were true,
	        much wealth was mine,
I toasted life
	        in verse and wine —
Luck haunted me,
	        though none knew why:
And now my trees
	        spit in Death’s eye!

This poem is a work in progress. It is incomplete, unfinished and has not been revised. It is meant only to offer a glimpse into the notebook of a poet at work. Please do not post it onto other sites or publish it in any form. Thank you — Felix Dennis

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