Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

Love Letter

Late spring has kissed awake the walnut tree,
Snap dragons, wide-eyed lambs, the honey-bee,

Small rivers trailing blossom from the bough—
Yet you are all I seek of England now.

The land renews! — but not its mortal kind,
And we have left our springtimes far behind,

The snow is on our peaks, the creeks run dry;
I stare more at my feet than at the sky.

A life I’ve lived of laughter, aye, and pain,
A race that I would gladly run again,

But only with your gentle fingers pressed
To soothe this famished monster in my breast.

Soon now, I think, my spirit must depart,
And journey where I know not. Yet, dear heart,

If all impatient, first, your soul should steal,
Turn but your face — to find me at your heel! 
Mandalay, Mustique May 1, 2003
For a pioneer Mustique homeowner and his lovely wife who died within a short time of each other following a last scuba dive together.
Poem Published in the following books: Island of Dreams  


  1. Happy Birthday dear Felix. I am with you – in spirit. In mind. In soul. – the body has to wait. Have a wonderful time. See you soon my darling. X x X

  2. I think this poem is my favourite ………you have done some amazing ones – but this has it in a nutshell…..and anyone who loves wholly will find comfort and support in these words…..and that is simply a gift…..you really are very special to me…….X x X

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