Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

My Garden By The Sea

Oh, would you like to come with me, Down to my garden by the sea, Far, far away in Caribbee?

Where the sun beats down from a lazy sky
And hammerhead clouds go sailing by;
Where the tor...tois...es...plod..oh...so...slow,
And the humming birds flash to and fro
By the lily ponds and the waterfalls,
Where geckos bask on sun-baked walls
Under the giant shak-shak tree —
Here in my garden, by the sea.

Where the fireflies wink like fairy lights
Beneath tall palms on velvet nights,
And the scent of the frangipani flowers
As tree-frogs whistle in the wee-wee hours,
And the hiss of the surf in a starlit glow
While sailboats rock in the bay below,
Rocking, rocking, silently —
Beneath my garden, by the sea.

Let’s run away, just you and me, Down to my garden by the sea, Far, far away in Caribbee!

Mandalay, Mustique January 6, 2001

Poem Published in the following books: Island of Dreams  

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