Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter


‘Why do we walk this weary track?’
     ‘Because we may not run.’
‘I felt a breath upon my back.’
     ‘Do not turn, my son.’

‘The path is growing steeper still.’
     ‘As steep as it is wide.’
‘No man could ever climb this hill.’
     ‘We may not turn aside.’    

‘The top at last.  We must descend.’
     ‘There is no other way.’
‘How I shall sleep at journey’s end.’
     ‘Forever and a day.’

‘Who walks so softly just behind?’
     ‘His name is as your own.’
‘A kinsman then.  How very kind.’
     ‘You never walked alone.’

‘A ferry!  Must I turn to theft?’
     ‘You know what to do.’
‘I fear I have no money left.’
     ‘Your friend has coin for two.’ 

Dorsington, Warwickshire November 16, 2005

This poem is a work in progress. It is incomplete, unfinished and has not been revised. It is meant only to offer a glimpse into the notebook of a poet at work. Please do not post it onto other sites or publish it in any form without this notice being attached. Thank you — Felix Dennis


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