Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

Upon The Beach

Upon the beach a solitary tree
   Defies the sea— a shambling stag at bay,
The left side iridescent greenery,
   The right a driftwood copse of salt and spray.

I wade from where the living sap still thrives
   To stroke an antlered bough worn white as bone:
Wet sand sucks at my feet— so time sucks lives,
   The concubine reduced to chaperone.

What lightning strike was this, what storm or wrack
   Wrought ruin with a hydra-headed glance?
Half-naked, with the crabgrass at her back,
   She stands, as we must stand, a shrine to chance.

   So ravaged kings on crutches play their part,
   And ghosts of faded beauty stir the heart.

Mandalay, Mustique January 26, 2008

First Published in Homeless In My Heart

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