Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

Why I Don’t Kill Flies

The dog is splayed across the rug,
  Her nose tucked in her paw,
She dreams of hidey-holes long dug,
  Of bones she’ll never gnaw.

The cat is curled up in his chair,
  A prisoner of the rain,
His eye meets mine, a slotted stare,
  Contemptuous, half-insane.

A fly squats on my saucer rim
  To rub his leper’s legs,
I tense a hand to flatten him
  Or drown him in the dregs,

But cat and dog and fly— we four
  Are hostages to strife,
Each prisoner in our Mother’s war—
  The carrier-plague called ‘life’...

Which pits each living thing to purge
  Competitors — or die.
I care not what my senses urge:
  I shall not kill this fly.


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Poem Published in the following books: Homeless In My Heart  

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