Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis, Poet, Publisher and Tree Planter

With Trust

Let us hear no more of winning
   Or victory — with trust
There can be no new beginning:
   Once broken, all is dust.

Though the rock of trust is strong,
   And poised atop a hill,
Though its traitors labour long,
   What glory in the kill?

Should we leave its ruins glowing,
   What fortress did we swarm?
For the strength of trust is knowing
   There is no gate to storm.

Dorsington. Warwickshire April 26. 2008

This poem is a work in progress. It is incomplete, unfinished and has not been revised. It is meant only to offer a glimpse into the notebook of a poet at work. Please do not post it onto other sites or publish it in any form without this notice being attached. Thank you — Felix Dennis

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